Parking Disputes Between Neighbours

Parking space is a valuable resource in the UK, as is evinced by the recent listing of a Mayfair parking spot for £325,000. Some of the most heated disputes between neighbours are over the issue of parking. Nothing causes more arguments between neighbours than parking. With space coming at a premium, it is not surprising that blocked driveways and street side spaces are the source of neighbourhood rows. Parking has become so difficult that off street parking space is commonly one of the top items required by those searching for a new home, often second only to a safe area.

How often have you arrived at your home only to find someone else’s car in your space? Have you pulled up to your house only to see another car sitting directly in front of your home? Maybe those who are parked in the street have blocked your driveway. Shared driveways can also lead to stress if one neighbour is using more than their fair share of the space. These types of parking problems are getting out of control in South Wales, which has some of the highest complaint levels over parking in the UK. Sky high fines are being paid and relations with neighbours are disintegrating.

What can you do? – Don’t be part of the problem.

If you have a driveway, use it. Do not use up scarce street side parking if you have a driveway of your own. Also, try to avoid parking in front of others’ homes or blocking their driveways. This is an ideal time to apply the “do unto others as you’d have done to you” policy. Your neighbours will thank you. If possible, gather together several families living on the same street and come up with a agreement for parking that suits everyone.

Consider adding a driveway.

If you have enough room for a parking space between your home and the street, consider adding a driveway for your vehicle and freeing up some space for your neighbours’ cars on the street.

Garden Patio laid, Walls built & a driveway

GSL South Wales Ltd can help you with a free consultation and quote, so that you can determine if there is a better parking solution for you. Parking problems are not going away any time soon, but we can help ease the burden on each other if we all strive to be good neighbours and create new parking space where we can.